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Find fantastic flavours new Krakatoa foam which come in the own branded tins.

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  • Lee Jaffa Orange bars
  • Valentine Gift Jar
Lee Jaffa Orange bars
New Jaffa Orange bars by Lees of Scotland.... >>
Valentine Gift Jar
Valentine gift jar for him and her. Made up... >>

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  • ChelseaWhoppers
  • Lees Macaroon bars
Chelsea Whoppers
Chelsea Whoppers, an old favourite, soft and...
Lees Macaroon bars
 Original Chocolate macaroon by Lees of...
astro belts
Sour strawberry belts and a favourite with...
Scottish Hand Made Tablet
Delicious Hand Made Scottish Tablet.
Irn Bru Humbugs
Scotland's national soft drink flavoured...

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